here are the 5 saddest secrets of Chandler Bing

For a sitcom like Friends, fun should be the strong point. Chandler Bing is usually the first name fans think of when describing the show’s comedic appeal. He stayed that way for all 10 seasons, even though that tended to hide some of his emotional depth.

Looking deeper into Chandler’s characterization, things about him can be seen in a significantly different light. His life has not always been roses and flowers, in fact he often harbored feelings of inferiority resulting from the problems of his childhood and the way he was treated by others. So here it is the 5 saddest secrets about Chandler’s character:

  1. He hated himself for a long time: Everyone liked Chandler, but he didn’t have the same feelings for himself. On more than a few occasions he has admitted that he hates himself. In fact, she considered her mastery in makeup and body care the result of a touch of self-loathing. When he was close to proposing to Monica for the first time, Chandler admitted he had few opportunities to actually fall in love. Despite his financial success and his close circle of friends, Chandler admitted that he was only really happy when he turned 30.
  2. Nobody helped him with regards to hatred for his career: the best example of why Monica was Chandler’s best love interest ever was because she was the only one who took her hopes of finding a new career seriously. This, however, only happened during the ninth season. Before that, no one even bothered to ask him what his job was. Everyone else shared their problems at work, Chandler preferred to stay on the sidelines also because maybe nobody cared.
  3. It was never taken seriously: being a comedy show, Friends characters are generally ranked based on their humor and Chandler certainly ranks first. This was taken to the extreme, however, with Chandler himself complaining that everyone just saw him as the funny guy. When he wanted to be taken seriously as a parent, especially as Emma’s potential guardian, Ross and Rachel admitted that they only saw him as a fun parent, not a serious father figure. Joey’s ex-girlfriend Janine even teased him when Chandler was just trying to be good company.
  4. His insecurities have been interpreted as involuntary comedy: if you looked at some of Chandler’s most memorable quotes, they would be both funny and heartbreaking. This is because his sadness and insecurities were often turned into comic jokes. His fear of career change was something that others often laughed at. Phoebe also tried to exploit this insecurity by trying to get Chandler to make Gary feel similar. Sometimes when Chandler got over this fear – like when he got too busy with Janice or Monica – he felt ashamed that he was too clingy.
  5. The women he loved betrayed him: it’s hard not to be bothered by the women Chandler had feelings for, as he was treated quite badly by them. Among the most famous girls there are certainly Kathy and Janice for whom he was madly in love. They both betrayed him and didn’t care until they were discovered. Chandler didn’t even get the proper apology, which justifies his extreme insecurity with Monica.
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