Hellpoint has a release date, and is closer than expected

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TinyBuild and Cradle Games have announced that Hellpoint will be released on July 30 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac Os and Linux, available in the latter case on Steam and GOG.

"Hellpoint is a dark and challenging RPG set in an atmospheric science fiction universe where the boundary between science and the occult is subtle. Irid Novo station, once the glorious pinnacle of human achievement, is now devastated, completely invaded by evil interdimensional entities and dominated by the will of evil cosmic gods. You are a creature of the cryptic Author, created and sent to investigate Irid Novo in an attempt to understand the series of diabolical events that led to the strange incident known as The Fusion."

The pre-orders will open soon on all platforms, the sale price has not yet been announced. The free sequel chapter Hellpoint The Thespian Feast is also still available on Steam, this apparently not intended to see the light on consoles. Described by the authors as a merger between DOOM, Dead Space and Dark SoulsHellpoint is a Soulslike in Sci-Fi sauce initially scheduled for April and then postponed to allow the team to better refine some aspects of the project.

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