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Hell at home: Violeta Isfel confesses that her son's father mistreated them

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Actress Violeta Isfel revealed the hell she lived with her ex-partner Rommel Ramírez, who is also the father of her son.

Although we knew that the actress does not have a good relationship with her ex-partner, now Isfel declared the hell he lived since before his son was born.

Isfel declared that his pregnancy was lived alone because Rommel did not come home due to the alcoholism he suffered at that time.

Through the program “Confessions”, Isfel said that things got worse when his son was born, since, as they lived in the house of Rommel's family, the crying of the little one bothered everyone, including the father:

"The boy had no right to cry at dawn because then they all woke up and armed a riot and the one they scolded was me, then I prevented the mamilas so there would be no problems ”.

The actress confessed that one night when the boy asked for one more mamila she had to go down to prepare a new one, causing the anger of her partner:

"He got up and took my son from the walker, it was raining outside and he wanted my 9 month old son to sleep outside, taking it out in the rain"

Things went up in tone, the situation got out of control because, wanting to defend his son, he almost hit her:

I told him: ‘Are you an idiot? What's wrong with you?’ And he told me: ‘What? Are you answering me? ’And that’s why he raised my hand and almost hit me.”

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