Heath Ledger before Joker: when he turned down the role of Batman in The Dark Knight

Before giving us his unforgettable interpretation of the Joker ne The dark Knight, performance awarded with a posthumous Oscar, Heath Ledger turned down the role of Batman in Christopher Nolan's film because of his little interest in the world of cinecomics.

"He was very kind, but he refused saying he would never take part in a superhero movie" the director revealed during a meeting at New York's Lincoln Film Center in 2012.

The part was then entrusted to Christian Bale, but after understanding Nolan's vision Ledger himself decided to take part in the project too: "I explained to him what I wanted to do with Batman Begins and I think he thought I had achieved that result. We hired him even before the script was written, so that he had time to stay obsessed with the character and figuring out how to play him. "

Sull 'Ledger's attitude on setNolan explained: "He didn't like to work too hard. He liked to get into character and then quit, to let some time pass and get interested in another role. And that's what happened when he came here, he was really ready for something new. . "

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