Headache When Starting Diet?

Headache When Starting Diet?

Diet headaches are widespread. If the headache is not severe, you should continue the diet.

Suppose your headache occurs due to the side effect of the drug. In that case, we suggest that you stop taking any medication related to your diet problem and take some symptomatic treatment like paracetamol, etc. All people on a diet are offered light exercises daily. Deep breathing exercises with a morning walk or cycling for half-hour will be beneficial.

You can buy anti-migraine medicine from any chemist shop without a prescription. It will help with headaches. However, if headaches don’t improve after two days, please consult the nearest physician.

Headache when starting exercise:

Most people who start regular activities get severe headaches, especially continuous training, which cause significant stress on brain blood vessels, leading to headaches. Headaches are not very serious. First-day headaches can be due to dehydration or blood pressure fluctuations. If you are tolerating exercise except for headaches, please continue. However, if it doesn’t improve, consult the nearest physician.

How much water should I drink daily:

the recommended amount of water required by the adult body is 2 liters per day which keeps the body hydrated and maintains normal function of vital organs. Please drink more water when exercising, performing any heavy task, hot weather conditions, etc.

Under extreme conditions like summer days, please increase your water intake one liter more because additional fluid loss through sweat can occur at times. People with vomiting, diarrhea, fever, cholera intoxication diseases must take extra care about their fluid balance, so they must care more about drinking water. Please avoid cold water intake when you are suffering from fever or diarrhea.

How many fluids should I take while exercising:

If you feel thirsty, please drink enough water but do not over-hydrate yourself because it can lead to different types of diseases like exercise-induced hyponatremia, which causes swelling in cells and damages them.

You can use sports drinks if available. They contain balanced electrolytes, which help for optimal performance. If you don’t get any sports drink at hand, plain water with some salt is advised.

However, generally, it will depend on your body requirements, so please monitor your urine color and quantity. If the color is dark yellow or orange, it is a normal physiological response; however, if urine color is faint yellow or clear, it’s a sign of dehydration, so please drink more water.

Headache after vomiting, diarrhea, etc.:

please follow some measures for the relief of headache :

first, take a rest because you are exhausted with nausea and vomiting. Secondly, if you have a fever, then take proper medication. If it doesn’t improve within two days, please consult the nearest physician to avoid any complications due to prolonged sickness. These types of cases sometimes require hospitalization, depending on severity.

You can reduce the frequency of drinking water when sick because the stomach has diminished capacity, which leads to an increased risk of overhydration. It is better not to drink cold hot drinks when suffering from fever or other diseases related to the stomach. You must prefer bland, watery foods like puddings, jelly, etc.

The main thing is to take proper sleep with soft pillows because, during sickness, patients feel weakness and tiredness, which affects their day-to-day lives. Most important, they are unable to do daily activities normally. If you suffer from chronic disease, you can continue your medications but consult your doctor for dosage modification. Don’t forget that if the headache is due to a side effect of medicine, stop taking it immediately, then consult the nearest physician immediately.

If you suffer from frequent headaches i-e more than two days a week, you must go for further treatment because migraine or chronic tension-type headaches are possible. Migraine occurs in one side of the head and face, and nausea and photophobia (avoidance of bright light) are its main symptoms. Chronic tension-type headache: this cause pain in both sides of the head, patient find it difficult to perform daily activities due to pain, and they feel headache more when performing any work.

One of the best migraine treatments is acetaminophen and caffeine, which provide relief within fifteen minutes. If you are taking anti-inflammatory drugs, stop them because they increase the risk of gastric ulcers.

If ibuprofen or aspirin doesn’t provide any relief, then try triptans. They are specifically effective against migraines.

Triptan contains serotonin which constricts blood vessels to reduce specific chemicals responsible for pain sensation and nausea. However, the dose must be selected cautiously because overdosage can result in fatal complications.

If you find your symptoms are not responding to any treatments, please consult the nearest neurologist for further treatment.


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