He knocked out his rival in the second round, insulted her and celebrated with a sensual dance to defend himself against criticism

The fighter who danced above the ring

Bellator 243's evening in Connecticut was marked by one fight in particular that featured the young American Valerie Loureda and the experienced Tara Graff, whom he knocked out in the second round with a devastating combination of punches.

Even though the knockout was violent and spectacular, what stood out from that battle was the celebrationNot because of the dance in particular, but because of what said celebration entailed. It is that after defeating his opponent, he discharged his anger with insults and took time to dance against his critics.

The 22-year-old who is a star on social media, to the point of being considered a influencer, achieved his third consecutive victory in the second largest mixed martial arts company.

(IG: @valerieloureda)
(IG: @valerieloureda)

"3-0! Put on your heels, put on your lashes, practice hard in the morning, do your tik toks and don't let ANYONE tell you what you can or can't be. Kisses", wrote on his Instagram account Loureda along with a video in which the violent knockout could be seen along with his celebration.

It is that throughout his career, The young American was widely criticized for mixing her two passions, her love of mixed martial arts (especially Taekwondo) and modeling. In the description of her profile, she made it evident by naming herself "Flyweight fighter, model and actress."

"Are we here to fight and be role models or are we here for male fans and striptease?" was one of the criticisms he received from the fighter Macy chiasson. “You are transmitting the wrong message to the people who watch this sport. You're portraying that this is what female MMA is all about, ”she added.

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(IG: @valerieloureda)
(IG: @valerieloureda)

“I'm still going to post TikToks. I do not care what anyone else says. I waited until I had the opportunity to fight to be able to shut my mouths, ”said the 22-year-old fighter after her victory.

"Well you know what? Look at all the girls who look like me, who dance, who want to defend themselves, who will now watch MMA because I am an inspiration to them and they are not afraid. That is what I represent ”, he pointed.

(IG: @valerieloureda)
(IG: @valerieloureda)

“By belittling other women you are contradicting yourself. Who said I do something for my male followers? I've been fighting since I was two years old and just like you have other interests like tattoos, I like to dance. Simple ”, was the message expressly addressed to Chiasson.

With this victory over Graff, Loureda got her third win in as many appearances within Bellator. The previous ones had been against Larkyn Dasch and Colby Fletcher in 2019 by unanimous decision and technical knockout respectively.

Graff, meanwhile, reaped his second loss in a row (A first at Bellator) after losing in 2018 to Alibeth Rall Milliron.


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