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He is Tizoc, the handsome husband of La Chupitos that few knew

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Mexico.- Very few know Tizoc Valenzuela, Liliana Arriaga's husband better known as La Chupitos and we can certainly tell you that "wow, how handsome he is!

It was through a photograph posted on Instagram in the official account of Chupitos herself that aired The face of the love of his life.

Tizoc Valencia is a little smaller than La Chupitos, but as they say for love there are no ages.

In the image you can see both hugged, dressed in red and on his face detonating pure and good love.

She is not far behind and with sexy figure surprises everyone

It is very unusual for La Chupitos to be seen without its characterization, however it was she who published through her social networks images that confirm that at least more than one if she steals a sigh.

Liliana Arriaga has more than 300 followers on her social networks, it was on Instagram that the famous woman showed off her figure with a fitted black dress.

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