he had just turned 100

When it comes to characters like Franca Valeri we would always like time to stop flowing, to crystallize at the time of their maximum artistic splendor and to grant us the privilege of always finding them there, in full capacity, ready to make us laugh and move like the first time.

However, as we know, wishes rarely come true: in this increasingly merciless 2020, therefore, we have to say goodbye to one of the last ladies of the theater and Italian cinema, active on the big and small screen until a handful of years ago.

Franca Valeri died shortly after the fulfillment of the its 100 years old (the actress and playwright had celebrated her last birthday on July 31st): a round milestone reached a few days before her death, which took place in serenity and surrounded by her dearest loved ones.

Character of immense depth, the general public will remember her mainly for her extraordinary interpretations as a character actor: characters like Miss Snob, Cesira and Sora Cecioni will remain immortal in the culture of our country, which in these hours is gathering in the memory of a great artist.

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The latest recognition, on the other hand, dates back to a few months ago: in May of this year, in fact, Franca Valeri was awarded a special David to the last David by Donatello. One last way to give thanks to a piece of our culture and our history.


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