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He could be Sherlyn's handsome sperm donor

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A week ago Sherlyn announced that she expects her first child through an in vitro fertilization procedure.

In this regard, Tvnotas magazine announced that the actress was dating, apparently with 3 men; a hotel entrepreneur, a man over 55 years old and still seeing his ex-partner José Luis de Río Roma.

Time to find the right man

According to a friend of the actress, consulted by the entertainment magazine, people close to Sherlyn asked her for patience and to take the time to find a good man:

“(…) That he also seeks a stable, committed man; that having a child was not so simple, that it should provide stability in all aspects, but she was urged to have it. ”

Sherlyn's health problems

The source consulted by Tvnotas says that after some studies, Sherlyn knew that, “In fact, the problem was she and not her former partners; He had fibroids in the womb, as well as anger in his ovulation. They were hormonal situations, so they told him he should take it medically. ”

After a while, Sherlyn underwent surgery to get pregnant, “the doctor encouraged him that everything would work out well and that sooner or later he would achieve his goal; that the first thing was to have a healthy matrix, free of organisms, and then plan ahead to have a baby"

The source consulted by the magazine says that at the beginning of his relationship with José Luis de Río Roma, Sherlyn tried to get pregnant as soon as possible:

(…) I was really in love, but also disappointed in him; I was so nailed with the idea of ​​motherhood, that she said that if she didn't get pregnant with him, she would go to insemination. ”

For the source interviewed by Tvnotas, the son who would be waiting for Sherlyn would be not about the product of an in vitro fertilization, but about a relationship with a tourist entrepreneur with whom the actress had a relationship.

“She is extremely clever and rather I think that everything she said about her pregnancy for treatment in New York is something she said so as not to lie on her head. As far as I know, I was not only dating Roberto, but at the same time with Miguel Ángel, a businessman and politician from Mexico City, who is married, but I can't give you the full name because if they wouldn't know who told you "

The actress continues to see José Luis

According to the source interviewed, Sherlyn is still in contact with the three men, “As I was saying, none of them noticed, and so it went on, but we know that with José Luis he still noticed his little shoes, they kept seeing each other and it was only a sexual matterl"

The source also says that the actress does not mind being a single mother and that for now she does not intend to "approach any of her stars":

“(…) Unless they show him some interest in sharing this stage with her. For now, he says that he will not stop with his work, will continue and stop working until one month before giving birth. ”

With information from Tvnotas.

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