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         HBO Max: we already know the price and launch date of the platform with which Warner wants to go for Netflix

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Warner hosted a few hours ago an event for shareholders in which they presented in partnership the plans they have with HBO Max, their new streaming platform, and how it will work within of the entire megacorporation entertainment ecosystem.

One of the unknowns, almost beyond the content, was in his price, date and availability (if any) outside the US. And we already know some of this data: HBO Max will launch in the US next May at a price of $ 14.99 per month.

This price would place it as the most expensive platform, only at (almost) the height of Netflix's 4K plan. But this price comes with a trick: normal HBO customers will be included with customers of AT&T (Warner-owned teleco) for a year and, beware, because in 2021 would also arrive an AVOD model, that is video on demand with ads that would lower the price a bit.

International expantion

Sure, all this in the US. What about the rest of the world? From Warner they hope to arrive in 2025 to a total of between 75 and 90 million users worldwide. A rather ambitious figure and that they would achieve with an international plan that we could call hybrid.

Hbo Max Europe

As of 2021, HBO Max would expand to Europe and Latin America with "localized versions" according to Variety. What is not clear is whether in the territories where they are already present in OTT mode (HBO Spain, Nordic …) they will land as something apart or take advantage of this presence.

What we do see is that they will continue to expand in local content and licenses and also continue to respect (and renew) the agreements they already had. We have the case of its main European partner: Sky, whose distribution agreement has just been renewed, which means that customers in Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom of the payment platform will continue to access HBO content in the coming years.

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Almost ninety original series a year

As for the content that we will find in HBO Max there will be the entire original Warnermedia catalog and, in addition, a whole group of HBO and Max originals that will reach, eye, the 88 series in 2021. A figure? Ten thousand hours of content.

Content that includes the prequel to 'Game of Thrones', the 'Green Lantern' by Greg Berlanti, new series by Elizabeth Banks, Issa Rae and Mindy Kaling, a new version of 'Dancing with Wolves' produced by Ridley Scott, the nth return of the Looney Tunes, 'Adventure Time', and a talk show presented by Elmo among many others.

Also 'Rick and Morty' will be on the platform in a semi-exclusive. After its broadcast on Adult Swim, its episodes can be seen first via Hulu and then jump to the platform. Recall that HBO Max has made a huge catalog of comedies with 'Friends', 'The Big Bang Theory' … and now 'South Park'.

As if that were not enough, the platform will arrive the day of its launch with bombings like the whole trilogy from 'The Lord of the Rings' and all DC movies including 'Joker' and 'Justice League'. Speaking of cinema: there will also be the extensive catalog of Warner classics, MGM, TCM, Criterion Collection, etc.

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