Hawks warns: there is a serious danger on the horizon in My Hero Academia 4

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The first three seasons of My Hero Academia have seen many comparisons between the protagonists of the Yuei and the well-known League of Villain, the main villains organization led by Tomura Shigaraki. In this fourth season, however, having removed a short skirmish, the group of Shigaraki has often remained in the shadows leaving space for others.

But in My Hero Academia season 4 finale it seems that everything is about to change. After finishing the ranking ceremony and seeing the debut of many new heroes like Mirko, Hawks and Endeavor start a discussion in a secluded place on a skyscraper. The winged hero reveals that he has made some investigations in the country, wondering why the Nomu are no longer reappeared, despite rumors circulating about the country about a new "remodeled" creature.

The dozen captured in Kamino could in fact be the last prepared or not All for One from them, the League of Villain could no longer work to create these beings. Hawks therefore decided to travel around the country by collaborating with both the police and investigating alone to understand the origins of these rumors, all very similar but with some different details.

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In the end, when Hawks comes to think that they are only actually rumors put around by someone to create panic, a creature launches on their skyscraper: the remodeled Nomu this time is able to speak and start one clash with Endeavor in mid-air, while Hawks takes care of evacuating the building. The latest episode of My Hero Academia 4 will arrive next Saturday.

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