Hawkeye, the latest rumors would like a new villain for the Disney + series: here’s what

The latest rumors on the front Hawkeye they would like a new villain for the Disney + TV series starring Clint Barton and Kate Bishop, and it’s someone who’s already seen in the MCU.

New villain on the horizon for Hawkeye?

According to the website The Direct, which brings her back with an exclusive, the character of will appear in the Disney + TV series Madame Mask in what is described as a “supporting role”, for which castings are already underway.

Known primarily for being an Iron Man villain, Madame Masque has also had to do with Barton and Bishop in the comics. Madripoor, a location that, among other things, would seem to have a key role in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier), and in particular with the latter, being Kate’s father one of the clients of his illegal trafficking.

But who is Madame Masque? Giulietta Nefaria, better known as Whitney Frost, is the daughter of Count Nefaria, head of a powerful crime family. Excellent fighter and robotics expert, she usually wears a golden mask to cover her disfigured face.

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In the MCU she has already appeared on the occasion of the second season of Agent Carter, of which she was the main villain, holding the Council of Nine in hand and carrying out experiments with Matter Zero.

How if Marvel Studios will manage it, should the indiscretion prove to be true? We’ll see.

Shooting for Hawkeye is expected to begin in the coming months, although Kate Bishop’s interpreter is still awaited. The series should come out on Disney+ in 2022.


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