Hawaii Five-0, what was McGarrett’s most dangerous surgery?

Be the star of a series like Hawaii Five-0 It comes with its own risks: Steve McGarrett knows a lot about it, having run quite a lot over eight seasons of the popular TV series at the head of Hawaii’s most reckless task force. But what was the time when we really feared the worst?

The embarrassment of choice is all there: chases, explosions, shootings and reckless actions of all kinds were for eight seasons the trademark of the character played by Alex O’Loughlin, but letting ourselves be carried away by the instinct to remember is one episode in particular.

Let’s take a step back in time until we get to Sea Shooter (translated into Italian as Pirates), 17th episode of the show’s first season: the scene we’re referring to is the one where a pawn shop owner refuses to let our people in without first seeing a warrant.

At that moment, therefore, we see McGarrett doing the simplest and most immediate thing: take a grenade and use it for blow up the entrance to the shop, risking to leave our skin or to involve the owner and poor Danny Williams in the explosion.

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A nice way to risk career and life in one fell swoop, isn’t it? Do you also think that this was themost absurd action view in Hawaii Five-0? Let us know yours in the comments! Meanwhile, let’s find out what happened to a Hawaii Five-0 star.


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