Harry Potter RPG: developers displaced by the words of J.K. Rowling, according to Schreier

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As the community's debate continues over online about his claims about the longevity of games like The Last of Us 2, journalist Jason Schreier publishes a new report on the pages of Bloomberg to reveal an important background on the development of the nextgen blockbuster known as Harry Potter RPG.

To accompany the new article appeared on the pages of Bloomberg News, Schreier summed it all up through his Twitter profile and explained that "Avalanche Software studios in Utah are currently developing a new Harry Potter video game. J.K. Rowling's recent comments about transgender people have annoyed several game developers, however. How will fans react when the game is announced?".

On the basis of what has been learned from an anonymous internal source, it is presumed to be the same studies Avalanche Software of Salt Lake City (Utah) or a Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Schreier illustrates what happened by specifying that "The Harry Potter game is a big budget game that will allow users to explore a vast open world between Hogwarts and the surrounding areas. (…) Within the team, however, some anxiety surrounds the study management did not respond to recent comments by author JK Rowling that were seen as transphobic ".

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According toformer editor of Kotaku, therefore, "the situation made some members of the development team uncomfortable and aroused private discussions among staff that took place on the Slack app". In the reconstruction of the events provided by the well-known videogame reporter, it is recalled that even the cast members of the Harry Potter films, including Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, said they did not agree with the position exposed by the writer of the books of the modern fairy tale of Maghetto, and with them too Warner Bros. who responded by promoting their inclusive culture on the subject of LGBT + rights.

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