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Harry and Meghan, the latest news arrives with the release of Queen Elizabeth (and there are many waivers)

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In the end the expected arrived press release of Queen Elizabeth. 10 days have passed since the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made the announcement of divorce from the British Royal Family and after several official statements, press speculations and family summits at Sandringham the latest news about Harry and Meghan confirm that the withdrawal agreement has been reached.

What will change, in short: Harry and Meghan are officially out of the Royal Family, they will keep the title of Dukes of Sussex (and Harry the prince's), but they will no longer be able to use it formally, they will lose the treatment of "His Royal Highness" and Harry will also lose military titles. In addition, they will have to return £ 3 million of public funds used for the renovation of Frogmore Cottage and pay a rent to continue using it when they are in the UK. So it is decided: in a series of releases of Buckingham Palace of 18 January 2020 approved by Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan officially close a chapter of their life (in the case of Harry, it is really a life changing move). And do you know what is there? Maybe we should also turn the page and let go.

Harry and Meghan, the release of Queen Elizabeth

Royal Air Force's 100th Birthday Flypast From Buckingham Palace

The British press says that Prince William suffers most from this situation, so that he will not have his brother to act as his shoulder when he becomes King.

WPA PoolGetty Images

After many months of conversation and recent discussions, I am happy to announce that we have found a constructive agreement with my nephew and his family. Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be highly loved members of the Royal Family. I recognize the challenges they have faced since the intense scrutiny of the media over the past two years and support their desire to live a more independent life. I want to thank them for their commitment to the Commonwealth and beyond and I'm particularly proud of how quickly Meghan joined the family. Everyone's desire is for today's agreement to help them build a new peaceful and peaceful life.

The words of the press release of Queen Elizabeth towards Harry and Meghan they are tender and understanding, as is his style (at least in the post death style of Lady Diana, when her coldness cost her an unparalleled crisis) and they open the doors to a very difficult agreement for the royal family, especially from an emotional point of view. In the second part of the statement signed by Harry and Meghan, the most bureaucratic agreements are read: i Dukes of Sussex (because yes, in theory you can continue to call them that) they haven't got everything they asked for and on the contrary, they will have to give up their real status at least from a formal point of view. They asked to remain part-time royals, but Queen Elizabeth said no: either outside or inside, because a prince and a Duchess who work in the real world using family name and status is not a sustainable business model.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are grateful to the Queen and the Royal Family for their support in this new phase of their lives. As per agreements, they will completely withdraw from the Royal Duties, also renouncing military titles. They will no longer receive public funds. With the Queen's blessing, the Sussex will continue to keep their patronage private. They will no longer formally represent the Queen but everything they do from now on will reflect the values ​​of the Royal Family. In addition, they will no longer use the title of "Their Royal Highnesses" and will repay the expenses of the public funds used to renovate the Frogmore Cottage, which will remain their family home in the UK.

In practice, Harry is still a prince: for many, this is a sort of glimmer, an exit strategy in case the Dukes of Sussex regret their choice.

Harry and Meghan news, coa is said after agreement

Many in these hours on social media and in newspapers are comparing Prince Harry to his uncle David, that king Edward VIII who in 1936 abdicated for the love of another American (Wallis Simpson) but if you read between the lines of the words of Queen Elizabeth you will already find the answer to this historical reference: Meghan is different because, unlike Wallis who was never accepted by the family is always judged as the cause of one royal crisis unparalleled, she integrated into the Royal Family despite the difficulties, the attack by the media, the discrimination. In addition, this is not an abdication because it has never been scheduled for Prince Harry to become king: it is true that the agreement is historical and the crisis that triggered really important, but the Megxit he may have only discovered a Pandora's box that has been boiling in the pot for a while.

Another good half on social media is talking about Meghan with ironic memes in which she sponsors diet drinks to monetize or defines her as the only cause of this Prince Harry header. There are also those who say that they will divorce soon and that Harry will return to the fold because it is the only place he has ever lived, but we say: is it not time to finally leave them alone?

Meghan and Harry, just blame Meghan

The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Visit Canada House

Harry and Meghan will live in Canada, where they already moved over the Christmas holidays 2019 together with Archie.

Samir HusseinGetty Images

Following this whole story – and the writer has read every article, every tweet and every possible opinion on the topic coming from the Italian, American and British newspapers – in general it seems that in this story there is a bad (indeed, a bad) and a victim and no, we don't like this thing at all. Meghan Markle it is the harpy that took Prince Harry away from his family, his brother William and his kingdom and Harry the poor puppet manipulated by events. It is no coincidence that the official hashtag (which makes the Brexit verse) is #Megxit and not #Harrixt, no?

We will never know what really hides behind the agreement between Harry, Meghan and the Royal Family (because certainly the question is much more complex than how it was presented in the newspapers) and not even the emotional impact that the choice of Prince Harry had on Queen Elizabeth and the other members of the family. What we do know is that people close to Prince Harry have confirmed that Lady Diana's son, by virtue of what happened to his mother, has always wanted to escape from the real system. If you see it this way Meghan Markle is not there b *** tch americana who takes Harry away from London out of avarice but only Harry's push and support to take a step that he has long wanted to do. Time will perhaps prove us right (or not), meanwhile the beginning of the new chapter in Sussex life a Vancouver It is also the right time to quench controversy and hating, sexist comments and tweets of poison and to let go. The wildest gossip should leave Harry and Meghan alone, Queen Elizabeth says so.

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