Happy birthday to Brook! The greatest musician of the Grand Line and of all ONE PIECE

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one piece it is one of those monumental sagas that made the history of manga in Japan. It was and still is the most followed series, read and appreciated all over the world. It enjoys a fame perhaps only inferior to another work that was the pillar of the Shonen genre: Dragon Ball and to which, for obvious reasons, it owes its very existence.

In these long years of serialization Echiro Oda has always proved to be an impeccable professional, the genius who made possible all the adventures we have experienced in recent years together with Luffy and to his crew, the genius who made One Piece the King of Japan, the series to beat, to be taken as inspiration, which influenced a whole generation of new mangakas.

Following Straw hat in his adventures we were able to get to know an almost incalculable series of characters. From secondary to main, Oda has had the ability to design and create a series of complex characters, particular and above all true in their fiction.

It all started with the young Luffy, the rubber man with the dream of setting sail for the sea and becoming the most great pirate of all time. Gradually his adventure was joined by new characters so crazy as to follow him. First the swordsman Zoro, then Nami, Usopp, the chaf Sanji, Chopper, Nico Robin, Franky, Brook and finally the fish man Jimbei. For each of them the master Oda has designed one complex story, a well-defined past and entire sagas in which the first encounter between Luffy and the individual character was deepened. With them we rejoiced, cried, suffered, fought and still today we keep doing it, episode after episode, chapter after chapter. Each of these individuals is special in its own way, it has remained in our hearts and has conquered us as only a really well-made character can do. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, one's character, way of doing and speaking, yet we love them all without distinction.

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Well, in the name of this affection, in honor of One Piece and the master without whom all this would not have been possible, Oda, today we want to do our heartfelt birthday wishes to a character who is older than we all could ever hope to reach, a character to whom like music, the real one, who comes from the soul, a charismatic and funny character: our skeletal and bony friend Brook! The king of Soul and the greatest musician of the Grand Line.

Trailer and poster for ONE PIECE volume 96: the release is dedicated to the Pirate King.

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