Happy Birthday Michael Keaton! The Batman and Beetlejuice actor turns 69

You know him as Batman, or perhaps as Betelgeuse. You may have enjoyed it in Birdman, or probably the more recent Spider-Man: Homecoming. You may even remember him from his early TV jobs, but there’s no way you don’t know who he is Michael Keaton. And today, September 5th, Mr. Keaton blows out 69 candles.

In fact, in September 1951 it was born Michael John Douglas alias Michael Keaton (name that he will decide to adopt later to avoid problems of homonymy), an actor that young and old can say they have seen on the screen numerous times since the beginning of his career in the 70s to today.

As we were saying at the opening of the piece, it’s easy to identify Keaton with some of his most popular roles, such as that of Bruce Wayne in the Batman films directed by Tim Burton, or Beetlejuice’s Betlegeuse, also by the same director, but there are many films in which he has taken part in the last 40 years.

And if on the one hand we have the great blockbusters like the Marvel Studios film Spider-Man: Homecoming, the Disney animated films Toy Story 3 and the Cars saga, and one of the latest live-action from the Mickey Mouse House based on the animated classic Dumbo, on the other we also have the Oscar-winning film The Spotlight Case by Tom McCarthy, or a another film always awarded at the Academy Awards, Birdman (or the unpredictable virtue of ignorance), or Lee Hancok’s The Founder, or Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brwown.

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Millennials will surely remember him as the President of the United States in A Teenager in the White House, or as Jack Frost in the 1998 film of the same name directed by Troy Miller, but how can we forget Dangerously Johnny or My Life – This is my Life?

In short, we could spend the night listing all the roles on Michael Keaton’s resume, which certainly does not seem to diminish now that the actor will take on the role of Batman again in the Flash movie, and will also appear in the Marvel / Sony Morbius cinecomic, and in the highly anticipated new film by Aaron Sorkin, The Trial of Chicago 7, just to mention some of his most recent engagements.

What to say then if not a heartfelt “Happy Birthday, Mr. Keaton! “?


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