Halo Infinite will be a 'spiritual reboot': the developers of 343 Industries speak

Following the presentation of the first gameplay demo of the title, further details continue to emerge on Halo: Infinite, new chapter in the historic sci-fi saga.

The latest news, specifically, concern the nature and narrative component of the title, on which they have recently expressed themselves Chris Lee, Paul Crocker is Jerry Hook, respectively Studio Head of 343 Industries, Associate Creative Director and Head of Design of Halo: Infinite. During a rich Q&A session, in particular, the expression was used "spiritual reboot" to describe the team's approach to developing the new Halo: a desire that prompted the team to create an experience that was at the same time new and familiar for fans of the saga.

This combination, hopes 343, will make Halo: Infinite accessible even to those who have not played the previous chapters, even if they represent a sequel to all effects. Halo Infinite, in fact, says Crocker, "The story of Halo 5 absolutely continues. It does so in ways that people probably don't expect". The approach adopted by the team, it guarantees, does not reflect a production that proposes elements"with the stencil". Many events happened to Master Chief between Halo 5 and Halo: infinite and the latter, it is guaranteed, will be explained within the game."So like I said, – concludes Crocker – the question is simply that this is a continuation of the story of Halo 5, but everything has been designed to surprise players and do things in a different way".

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The team previously specified that Halo: Infinite is one of the sources of inspiration for Halo Combat Evolved, while support for the local and online coop has been confirmed.


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