Halo Infinite: even Phil Spencer from Microsoft jokes about Craig's memes!

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In a recent exchange of jokes between Phil Spencer and the popular Twitter insider known as Timdog, the boss of Microsoft's Xbox division has revealed that he is looking with interest and fun at the social phenomenon of the Halo Infinite memes on Craig the Brute.

In responding to Timdog's requests for clarification, the top representative of the videogame branch of the Redmond house confirms that he carefully observed the exponential growth of these playful images produced by fans after admiring the first gameplay scenes of Halo Infinite.

The wave of meme about Craig the Brute in fact it pushed Spencer to ironic about this social phenomenon and to affirm that "it will be our new official Xbox mascot :)! I love the community and their ability to take something fun and ride it like this".

While the ironic images of Craig continue to depopulate, the leaders of Xbox and the authors of 343 Industries have confirmed the rumors of the last few days and announced that the multiplayer of Halo Infinite will be free (with the formula of free-to-play) and will turn to 120fps on Xbox Series X. As for the main campaign, based on the statements shared by 343i, the single player of Halo Infinite is a work in progress, especially in relation to the graphic sector.

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