Half-Life: most of the team now wants to work on a classic chapter

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The new episode of The Final Hour dedicated to Half-Life Alyx, edited as always by Geoff Keighley, shed light on some background of the development of the game aimed at Virtual Reality.

We thus discovered that between the end of Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and the entry into production of Alyx Valve has canceled at least five Half-Life games, including the long-awaited, and never arrived, third regular chapter. Keighley's investigation also probed the mood of the developers. Apparently, right now "privately, much of the team hopes the next big job is an all-round Half-Life, not just designed for Virtual Reality but accessible on all traditional gaming platforms ".

The developers of Valve they don't seem to be intimidated from such a great responsibility: "We are no longer afraid of Half-Life", designer Phil Co., said designer and programmer Tejeev Kohli, of the same opinion: "Moving from Half-Life Alyx to the next big project, which will be even bigger, is really exciting".

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At the moment we do not know what Valve's top management has in store, but we are sure that a want a new regular chapter in the series it's not just the developers.

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