Half-Life: Alyx is a prequel because Half-Life 3 can't be VR exclusive according to Valve

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When it was announced Half-Life: AlyxExclusively for VR, there were many fans of the franchise who were disappointed with Valve. Mainly, for having spent so many years waiting for a sequel to Half-Life 2.

And although Alyx has finally turned out to be a more than worthy game, the question is obvious: will Half-Life 3 ever arrive? It is still too early to answer that question. What is clear is that Valve knows that if that happens (and suggests that it will), it will not be with an exclusive virtual reality game.

To be more specific, Alyx's level desasaplander, Dario Casali, has conducted an interesting interview for EDGE magazine (via Wccftech). And in it, he assures that Alyx has been a prequel (and not a sequel), for the simple fact that Half-Life 3 could not be a game intended for a smaller audience. Below you can read their statements in full.

"There was a reason we decided to make it a prequel. We recognized that the virtual reality platform was limited in audience, and we also recognized that this was not Half-Life 3. We didn't want to introduce a product that not all Half-fans- Life could play, and that would advance the story beyond where HL2 came in. Nor did it leave all these people without VR headsets saying, 'Hey, why can't we get involved in this?'

Somehow, it was a difficult decision to make this installment one that, in terms of hardware, is not accessible to a large number of people who really want to play it. That was something we struggled with, and one of the things we are still going to struggle with in the future. Our goal is not just to make Half-Life games for a relatively small audience. ".

Half-Life: Alyx Is 'About the Same Length as Half-Life 2'

In short, it is clear that Valve has not forgotten all those audiences who want to continue enjoying the saga and, however, do not want to make the leap to Virtual Reality. And therefore, more franchise titles – not exclusive to VR – are expected to arrive in the future. Whether or not any of them is Half-Life 3.

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