Hacker claims to have stolen Xbox Series X source code and sells it for 100 million

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A hacker who claims to have stolen the source code of the graphics software from Xbox Series X He has recently published part of it on the Internet and has asked for a payment of 100 million to not reveal it publicly.

AMD confirmed that the material published on GitHub belongs to them and in fact they have eliminated it by means of a copyright claim, thus verifying that it is a legitimate leak.

The company ensures that the stolen material is not key in the face of competition or the safety of its products. Despite this, they are already working with the police in an investigation that aims to recover the information and punish the hacker as appropriate.

TorrentFreak claims the footage was found on a hacked computer that included the source code for Big Navi and AMD's Arden GPUs, the latter being the rumored 12-teraflops GPU of Xbox Series X.

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A portion of this code was posted on GitHub and a ransom of $ 100 million was requested. The offender ensures that if he does not find a buyer, he will release the code publicly. This could be fatal for AMD even if they affirm that it is not important in terms of security or in relation to the use that the competition could make of said information.

Details on AMD's enforcement of the Digital Age Copyright Act on GitHub can be read in full at this link.

Microsoft presented all the technical details of Xbox Series X last week and thanks to this we know the potential that the platform has for its launch at Christmas this year.

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