GWENT: the second season of the Journey starts on PC, iOS and Android

Waiting to reveal the date of the second Cyberpunk 2077 Night City Wire, the authors of CD Projekt announce the departure of Season 2 of the Journey of GWENT: The Witcher Card Game on PC and iOS and Android mobile systems.

Through the new Journey progression system, fans of the trading card game that first appeared in The Witcher 3 can get rewards taking on the challenges faced in the Standard, Seasonal and Arena modes. In its Season 2, the Journey of GWENT adds 100 levels with as many prizes to unlock, including unique ornaments and special points with which to redeem further ingame rewards.

To accompany us in this series of adventures there will be Ciri: Geralt of Rivia's favorite student will allow us to access new chapters and missions which will be held weekly. The basic version of the Journey is free, but with the option to purchase the Premium pass for immediate access to Ciri's legendary skin and additional unlockable bonuses as the experience progresses.

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Among the items accessible with the Premium Pass there will be card barrels, titles, borders, animated cards and avatars for your alter-ego. At the top of the news you will find the video announcing the departure of the second season of GWENT's Journey.


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