Gundam: Yoshiyuki Tomino doesn’t like how war is portrayed in anime

In the world of animation one of the most loved titles by fans is Gundam, due to its original setting and the engaging battles between robots. Despite this, Yoshiyuki Tomino revealed that he was disappointed with how wars are shown in various Japanese works.

The famous author discussed with Yoshikazu Yasuhiko the influence that conflicts have on the stories told in Japanese anime. In particular Yoshiyuki Tomino wanted to talk about the new releases, underlining their great difference with his works: “In the world of anime, stories like Girls und Panzer and Kan Colle have appeared. Some parts I can consider as mere entertainment, but I wonder if it is acceptable. My generation thinks wars shouldn’t be represented that way, it makes me very uncomfortable“.

Tomino then stated that the younger generations do not understand the severity of the war: “There is nothing beautiful about war. After all, we must avoid more conflicts, but we will never be able to avoid wars as long as there are delusional people who would like to fight.“. It would therefore seem that over the years, Yoshiyuki Tomino has come close to increasingly pacifist positions, despite the numerous conflicts present in his works. Finally, we point out that the original Gundam series is present on Amazon Prime Video.

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