Gundam: announced the killer hornet models, here are the pictures

During the quarantine for Coronavirus There were many fans of the Tomino and Yatate franchise who bought Gundam models to pass the time, but they could hardly imagine those dedicated to killer hornets.

Gods have appeared in America and other states killer hornets, bigger and more dangerous than their "normal version". The company responsible for Gundam's merchandise therefore decided to create a gunpla line, models dedicated to robots that made their appearance in the episodes of the series, which represent the features of these insects. At the bottom of the news you can see the tweet shared by @blisterbegone which shows us the action figures on hornets, in 1/1 scale, and which will be available for purchase starting from the month of June. The gunpla will be sold to the price of 500 yen each and will be produced in three different colors, white, orange and yellow.

Fans welcomed the news with great irony, divided between those who find the models terrifying and those who are interested in buying them, given the low price that equates to four euros. If you are interested in action figure of the series, we report this news about the Gundam gunpla designed for the Tokyo Olympics.

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