GTA Online, new bonuses: Business Battles, Double Rewards and more

After the news at the GTA Online Casino Diamond, the online component of Grand Theft Auto 5 welcomes further news and special bonuses, which will remain operational for a limited period of time.

In particular, the new ones Business struggles introduced in the Los Santos Summer Special will be even more lucrative over the next seven days. Players who keep an eye on the city’s most vulnerable payloads, scoring successful hits, can make sure double rewards. An interesting destination for profit-seeking users could also be the Diamond Casino Heist. The structure has in fact welcomed a load of precious gems: will the players be able to steal them from the structure?

The Rockstar Games team has also introduced additional in-game bonuses: for example, indulge in Territorial warfare will allow you to receive Double GTA $ & RP for the whole week. By dedicating yourself to GTA Online in the next seven days, you will also receive the top and the lemon track pants for free. Those who feel luckier can also challenge the Blindfolded Goddess to lucky wheel of the Diamond Casino. The first prize of the week is the Coquette D10, a roaring American-made sports car. Additional double rewards are also provided for the arms sales and trafficking missions.

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