Green Lantern: the 80th anniversary sees a mysterious departure

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During the month of June, DC Comics celebrated 80 years of green Lantern through a celebratory book of 100 pages. The stories inside it featured many of the characters that marked the editorial history of the publication.

The last story, edited by Robert Venditti and Rafa Sandoval, revealed a surprising epilogue for one of the Lanterns. The story begins with the meeting of Hal Jordan, John Stewart and Kyle Rainer for their annual meeting. They all have a more senile aspect, they are perhaps retired, in their place the new generation of Terrestrial Lanterns is at the forefront led by Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz.

We notice immediately the absence of one of the leading members of the group, Guy Gardner. The three begin to tell old war stories about the Lanterns, most of which end with a ridiculous anecdote about their old companion.

Each of them has their own theories as to why Guy adopted a certain behavior, John is strongly convinced: to protect his friends. Next, a table focuses on Guy's grave, giving confirmation of his departure.

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Unfortunately, no details are reported on his disappearance, the authors' choice is probably to guide the reader to a personal reconstruction of the story.

A giant meteorite lights up the skies of Australia, DC fans immediately thought of Green Lantern. DC Comics reveals a special issue to celebrate 80 years of Green Lantern.

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