'Green Lantern' and 'Strange Adventures': HBO Max and Greg Berlanti bet on the DC superhero series

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While the competition gets into a mess by dropping that could include a playback speed selector, HBO Max is releasing warnings that not only Disney will live the streaming of the future. The latest news has to do with two new series based on DC comics: 'Green Lantern' and 'Strange Adventures'.

Conquering the streaming galaxy

The producer of DC Greg Berlanti, responsible for 'Arrow' or 'The Flash', announced during WarnerMedia Day that he was in the process of producing a new series in anthology format about DC characters entitled 'Strange Adventures' for HBO Max. The series would be based on a 50's comic, although the property had several resurgence in the years 90, 2000 and 2010.

While many of the details of the series are still kept secret, Berlanti said something about it: "This is a series in anthology format of stories set in a world where super powers exist"Could it be in a tone close to the great dissection that HBO is making of 'Watchmen'? 'Strange Adventures' will feature characters from around the DC canon. It will be a one-hour series of episodes that will explore stories about the crisscrossed lives of mortal and superhuman.

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The details about 'Green Lantern' are even scarcer. "Both properties for HBO Max will be different from everything seen on television," says Berlanti. 'Strange Adventures' promises to be our biggest DC series ever made, but We will also go to space with a television series about 'Green Lantern', but I can't reveal anything else about that yet. "

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