Gotham Knights: the complete Bat-Family in the first images

After officially presenting Batman Gotham Knights and taking care to accompany the reveal with the first gameplay scenes, the WB Montreal team publishes the very first images on the members of the Bat-Family that we will play in this ambitious action adventure.

As revealed by the Canadian subsidiary of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the narrative plot laid out to shape the story of Gotham Knights starts from the sad assumption of Batman’s death. In the absence of the dark Knight, it will be up to the quartet of heroes composed of Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood e Robin the task of defending Gotham City from the threat of the villains and their inevitable minions.

According to WB Montreal, each member of the Bat-Family will boast a unique combat system and their own range of skills, such as thehacking by Batgirl, i duels with the sword by Nightwing, the vast arsenal from which he can draw Red Hood and the evolved ones field survey techniques which Robin will borrow from his now ex-partner Bruce Wayne.

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Take a look at the images you find in the gallery at the end of the article and tell us what you think of this project. In the meantime, we invite you to enjoy the first Batman Gotham Knights gameplay video seen during the DC FanDome event.


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