Google updates all its Pixel with themes and gestures in any launcher, the Pixel 3 and 3a also receive Live Caption

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Every first week of the month, Google launches its corresponding security update, and this December is not limited to adding patches, but also add news in your Pixel.

Pixel Themes, Live Caption and the compatibility of the gestures of Android 10 in any launcher cease to be exclusive features of the Pixel 4, they have also reached the previous models.

Pixel Themes and gestures in any launcher

Google updates all pixels, being probably the last update for the original Pixel, to add add your style editor Pixel Themes


The 'Wallpapers' tool is called 'Styles and wallpapers', and we allows to customize the interface of our Android. Offers us four default themes together with an editor to create our own style by customizing the text font, system icons, color and shape of the icons.

We can also now enjoy the gestures of Android 10 from any application launcher. Until now this compatibility was only available on Pixel 4, so it is expected that it will also reach the rest of the devices when they update to the last security patch.

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Instant Subtitles

Live caption

As Google promised a couple of months ago, Live caption Add these instant subtitles to Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a. This feature automatically subtitles any video and audio source, even if we are offline. Of course, for now only support English.

Via | 9to5Google | Android Police

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