Google Play Store adds the new account selector 'Material Theme': now with more options

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For more than a year ago, Google has been redesigning all its applications to apply the new Material Theme, with a cleaner interface, new text source, new icons or new menus.

In all this time, it has updated most of its applications to the new theme, and some of them have done it gradually, as is the case with the application. Play store, which update after update has been gradually implementing the interface Google Material Theme. Now after showing the downloads in the search results, now activates in its latest version the new account picker.

New and complete account selector

Play Store Account Old This was the old account selector of Google Play Store

Until now, the account selector was built into the side navigation bar from the Play Store, and only allowed us to switch between accounts, with no option to add new accounts from the application itself. Now this has finally changed.

The account selector is now integrated into the Play Store search bar. This presents several new features. The first of it is that now it is a lot faster change account with a gesture, just by sliding your finger vertically on the profile picture. The second novelty is that now we can add another account, manage our Google account, or manage all the accounts on the device with the shortcuts that the Play Store now integrates.

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Play Store Account Selector This is the new account selector of Google Play Store

Another improvement is that now the side navigation bar is much cleaner by removing the image from the old account selector, so we can see a couple more options on the screen.

This novelty has begun to activate Google Play around the world. We just have to update the Play Store to the latest version and wait for it to be activated through the company's servers.

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