Google Photos for Android renews its menu of options by integrating in the sliding information panel

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As of Android 10, Google is betting heavily on gestures. With just a swipe we can perform an action, and now to the last update of Google Photos enhances one of its gestures.

Several months ago, Google Photos released a new sliding panel that allowed us to see the details of the image, such as its EXIF ​​information and its location. Well now the image options have migrated to the sliding information panel premiering a new design.

This is the new menu of Google Photos

Photos menu

Now we can slide up the open image to deploy the renewed options and information panel. Now at the top, under the new carousel design and with descriptive icons, we will have the classic options to add the image to an album, download it, add as a wallpaper or contact photo, view as a slide show or print.

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After the options we will see the date and time of the image, followed by the description section, then the location if it existed, and finally in the details section the EXIF ​​data of the image, such as the name of the file, the resolution, the size, device name and camera data used in that jack.

Currently Google Photos has retained the top right icon of the three points to access the menu. Therefore, we have two ways to access the options: by clicking on the menu icon or by sliding the image up.

Google Photos

Google Photos

Via | Android Police

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