Google converts Files into an app to be able to send local content from the mobile to TV through Chromecast

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Google released the first version of its Files for the Android Go ecosystem. The app was born as an intelligent storage manager which allowed keeping the mobile phone as clean as possible, focusing mainly on low-cost phones for expanding markets. The "ideal" solution for phones with 8GB of internal memory that cannot abuse content downloads.

Over time, the app was evolving and becoming more complete and popular, to the point that Google chose to delete the last name "Go" and turn it into an app that would fit any mobile phone. A year ago, and now Files by Google gains new functionality: now it allows send files from our mobile phone to the TV through a Chromecast.

Streaming in beta and soon for everyone


Until very recently, watching local mobile phone content on television required third-party apps, referring to "third parties" to developers who are not involved in the maintenance of the operating system. But it seems that just changed because the last update of Google Files enable the streaming of content directly to a Chromecast.

Already in September, Google announced that its Files app would be able to do what it is already doing right now, although the functionality initially reaches the beta version. In order to have it in the app that circulates on Google Play for the vast majority of users, we will have to wait a bit, but it will be a matter of days that it becomes a fully public functionality.

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The functionality comes through the Files beta but will soon be available to all

To be able to send files to a TV with Chromecast or to any device that supports Google Cast you just have to navigate to the section Browse Files by Google, there choose the file we want to view and, once opened, click on the characteristic icon that allows you to send the files remotely. Specifically, to a Chromecast.

As we say, the functionality is currently trapped in the beta version of Files by Google, but will soon be available to everyone. It seems that Google has just quite simplify the process of sharing video and photo files with a television. At least, it achieves it with an app of its ecosystem of apps for Android, an app that, for a year now, is available to everyone.

Files Go: free up space

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