Goodbye to one of the most incredible streaks in Spanish sport: the women's water polo Sabadell loses almost 10 years later

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The CN Mataró finished in the pool of the Astralpool Sabadell with the last big winning streak in a Spanish league –9 years, 6 months and 5 days– by beating (8-10) Sabadellenses in the Women's Water Polo League.

The last league match that Sabadell, the current European champion, lost on May 2, 2010 against CE Mediterrani in the third match of the final phase (10-12). Since then and until Thursday everything had been victories and league titles for the valleys.

Sabadell's winning streak in regular league games was even more extensive. Specifically 241 consecutive wins since November 10, 2007 fell against Ondarreta Alarcón (10-9).

He CN Mataró Anni Espar, who left the Sabadellense team this summer, seems to have taken the measure from David Palma's team, since last September 28 he also won (14-15) the final of the Spanish Super Cup in the Sabadellense pool.

The Mataonenses have been the only club capable of defeating the valleys in a national competition since the Mediterrani did so in May 2010, snatching away the only two national titles that Sabadell has not won since then.

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On April 10, 2016, the Maresme team won the final of the Copa de la Reina by 9-7 breaking a streak of the valleys of nine consecutive seasons winning the ko competition.

Astralpool Sabadell suffered this summer the disintegration of much of the team that conquered the fifth European Cup with the march of Paula Leitón, Bea Ortiz and Olga Doménech to the CN Terrassa; Anni Espar to the CN Mataró and the Americans Maggie Steffens and Kyley Neushull to their country to prepare the Olympic Games.

The European champions signed at the end of September the Canadians Monika Eggens and Gurpreet Sohi to dispute the Euroleague in which the sabadellenses will debut next September 29 in their pool in the second qualifying round.

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