Goldrake: the preparatory sketches sold at auction for a record figure

After celebrating the forty two years of UFO Robot Goldrake, the famous work of Go Nagai returns to be talked about thanks to the record sale of some preparatory sketches during an auction in France.

Last June 6 in fact at the auction house "Maison Cornette de Saint-Cyr"in Paris, more than two hundred preparatory sketches were put up for sale, featuring the protagonists of the anime that aired in 1975, at the starting price of 50 thousand euros, as had been recommended by the expert François Meyniel. The sale was a great success, managing to raise 300 thousand euros. The owner of the draft collection was the French-Japanese citizen Stéphane Lauren, who collected the designs in over twenty years.

This is the first time that a French auction house has organized an event focused on the world of souls, but we are sure that other events of this type will be staged in the coming months, according to Le Figaro it is the discovery of a new market, the moment has been compared to the first comic book auction, which then started the phenomenon of collecting limited edition comics.

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Finally, if you are a fan of Go Nagai's works, we recommend this interview to the author of UFO Robot Goldrake, in which he talks about a possible movies on the series.


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