Goku vs Beerus in Dragon Ball Super and Heroes: who will win?

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Seven years have passed since Dragon Ball Z: the battle of the gods, the 2013 film that introduced the terrifying for the first time Beerus. Seven years of training, challenges and tournaments for Goku, who has become increasingly stronger and ready, finally, to settle once and for all accounts with the God of Destruction of the Universe 7.

In our new study, visible at the top of the article, we have indeed spoken of the impending battle between Goku and Beerus, which apparently will come to life in the first few minutes of episode 2 of Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission.

As shown in the preview of the next episode, Goku and companions they will have to fight Beerus to defend Toki Toki, a particular bird with the ability to prevent deities from using theHakai. The God of Destruction is determined to kill the creature because, as revealed by a premonitory dream, this could lead to the end of the universe. Goku, however, has another opinion, and has absolutely no intention of letting the creature die without fighting.

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Goku and Beerus have already faced each other twice in the past. The first clash occurred during the narrative arc of the battle of the gods and ended with a dignified defeat for the Saiyan, while the second came to life shortly after, when Beerus decided to wear Monaka's robes to spur the Saiyan to overcome his limits. The protagonist has continued to evolve with the passage of time, unlocking the shape of the Super Saiyan Blue before and theUltra Instinct then. At this point, the outcome of the battle seems more uncertain than ever.

And what do you think of it? Who will win the rematch? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below!

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