Godfall for PS5: tick the "Windows PC" label on the PlayStation website tab

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According to several members of the communities of Reddit and ResetEra, and of sites such as that of Jack of all Controllers who have taken over the news, the wording "Windows PC" appeared for a few hours on the card of the site dedicated to Godfall among the platforms of the Counterplay Games nextgen action.

Despite the fact that the cross-platform nature of Godfall, which is slated to launch late 2020 on PC and PlayStation 5, the quote from Microsoft operating system on a Sony site that describes the title as an exclusive console, however, has fueled the curiosity of users, and consequently, the debate on social media, especially in light of the leaks that would like the Japanese company committed to launching several PS4 games on PC in the future like Dreams and Horizon Zero Dawn.

Sony's intention to announce the first round of PS4 games coming to Windows PC. Much more "serious" is the leak that recently involved the Counterplay developers with the diffusion on the net of the Godfall video gameplay for internal use of a version of the game that, according to the Californian authors themselves, would come from a PC build from last year and that, therefore, would no longer be representative of the graphics and contents of the final title.

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