God of War themed PS5: fan made design hits Cory Barlog

Through its social profiles, Cory Barlog has given visibility to a PS5 fan made design that immortalizes the Sony nextgen console with different God of War themed customizations.

In praising the work done by the community of fansite God of War España, the father of God of War retweeted the image of the new PS5 fan made design and exclaimed "oh how nice, now I want a customized PS5 like this!".

However, that of the Spanish God of War fansite is only the latest of the amateur projects carried out by video game enthusiasts to hypothesize the customizations of PlayStation 5 and the customized aspect of the various special editions that, in all probability, will be launched on the market by late 2020.

However, in recent days the creative director of Sony Santa Monica wanted to publicly reward the work done by the independent artist André SiK with Atreus' fan art in the footsteps of Father Kratos, a concept that tries to imagine what the son of the God of War might look like in God of War 2.

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To those who follow us, we finally remember that the good Marco Mottura has made an interesting analysis on the design of PS5 and Xbox Series X, focusing on the differences and similarities between the two Sony and Microsoft nextgen consoles.


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