Go! Go! Cory Carson Season 3: Release Date, Update and Details

Go! Go! Cory Carson Season 3
Go! Go! Cory Carson Season 3

Go! Go! Cory Carson Season 3: Release Date, Update and Details

The overview:

The animated series on Netflix by Kuku Studio ‘Go! Go! Cory Carson tells the wonderful story of a kid car’s life. This awesome story of a lively kid car Cory shows the experience of his life in various ups and downs along with his family and friends. The story had a great impact over kids as they could really relate the story with their lives. There are so many fun visuals in the story that showing cars performing yoga, taking roller- coaster ride, and visiting the doctor for his flat tire. It’s a real heart touching animated story of friends and family, as you can see Cory taking care of his family members. Also, this series would let you feel how it really feels being a kid.

Voice Cast of the Series:

Alan C. Lim as kid car, Paul Killiam as papa Carson, Maisie Benson as Chrissy Carson, Kerry Gudjohnsen as mama Carson. Smith Foreman as Freddie firetruck, Adelaide Hirasaki voices Halle Copter, Eli Morse as Timmy O’Tool and Neena-Sinaii Simpo voices Kimmy O’Tool and Ella Joy as Frannie Fenderson.

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Is there any confirmed detail about the release of next season?

After the wonderful success of season 1 and season 2 of Go! Go! Cory Carson, there are huge possibilities for its third part. There were 7 episodes in each season. The second season released on March 1, 2020. Also, after seeing the kid’s collection shows off the streamer, everyone has a positive feeling about the third season to definitely released. Each season came up with a difference of 3 months, so you can expect it around June 2020. But remember, there are no official announcements yet.


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