Given's film will debut on May 16, 2020, a new Key Visual will be shown

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Over five months have passed since the release of the first trailer for Given Boys-Love, the anime sequel to Studio Lerche broadcast on Crunchyroll. A few minutes ago the official website of the work revealed the release date of the feature film, even showing a Key Visual and revealing some details regarding the soundtrack.

It has been confirmed that Given's film will arrive in Japan on May 16, 2020, as predicted by the rumors that spoke of a projection scheduled for the first half of the calendar year. Centimillimental, the Japanese singer already known for having worked on the Opening of the anime, will return again to take care of the theme song. At the bottom you can finally take a look at the first official Key Visual.

In case you didn't know him, Given's manga tells the story of Ritsuka, a Japanese boy now bored by the monotony of his days. One day Ristuka meets Mafuyu, who is holding a broken guitar. Ritsuka helps him to tune the instrument and involuntarily teaches the boy how to play it best. Before he can leave, Ritsuka is incredibly impressed by the voice of his peer, and therefore decides to welcome him into his band.

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The first 11 episodes of the anime adaptation were broadcast from 11 July to 19 September last year and met with the favor of lovers of the Yaoi genre. Currently the first season is visible in legal streaming on Crunchyroll.

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