Ghost of Tsushima updates to version 1.07: news and size of the patch

On the night the guys from Sucker Punch announced the availability of a new update for Ghost of Tsushima, the last great exclusive of the PlayStation 4 era that hit the shelves last month. Let’s find out the news together.

Exactly like those that preceded it – 1.05 and 1.06 – too the new update 1.07 further refines the overall experience and addresses a number of bugs. This time, however, it also brings a novelty, namely one new option to increase stick tolerance analog in response to drift and dead zone problems. You will find a download of about 1 GB of data waiting for you.

Ghost of Tsushima, remember, is available exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro. A few days ago the development team announced the arrival of a free cooperative mode, Ghost of Tsushima Legends, a separate experience which will run parallel to the story of the main game focusing on the deeds of four different classes of warriors – Samurai, Hunters, Ronin e Assassins. Sucker Punch has already made it clear that Legends will not have microtransactions. It will offer both Story Missions for two players and Survival Missions that can be tackled by groups of four.

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