Ghost Of Tsushima: The space it will occupy on PS4 revealed

There are only a couple of months left to enjoy Ghost of Tsushima, the long-awaited Sucker Punch (InFamous, Sly) game for PS4. And while we wait for the next July 17, 2020, we can entertain ourselves a little by making space in the hard drives of our consoles.

Because the weight that the game will have when it reaches the market has just been revealed. And although it is great, the truth is that it is not anything exaggerated. And less considering the banners that are marked some great AAA projects. In any case, it will take 50GB free on our PS4.

On the other hand, it is important to comment that the information is completely reliable. Among other things because it has appeared on the game’s own page on the PlayStation Store. In addition, it is not ruled out that this is the base weight and that, in fact, an update is already planned from the first day.

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We discussed it, above all, due to the large difference in weight compared to other similar games such as The Last of Us – Part 2. Titles that exceed the 100 GB barrier. Anyway, all of that is speculation. For now, you only have to make room for half.

Since we were talking about the Store, remember that the game is already available for reservation. Its price is currently 69.99 euros, although the reservation includes high-quality extra content. From the digital soundtrack to a dynamic theme and a Jin avatar for PS4.

Finally, it is interesting to comment that the description also makes it clear that there will be in-game purchases. Obviously they will be optional, and will most likely focus on skins and cosmetic items. If you want to know more about the game before it hits the market this summer, remember that you can find out 31 new details, known after the State of Play last week, through this article.


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