Ghost of Tsushima and divided criticism: Sucker Punch's reflections on reviews

After revealing the secrets of Ghost of Tsushima's Kurosawa Mode, Sucker Punch's Jason Connell discussed with the editorial team the swinging judgments expressed by those who reviewed his latest open-world action exclusively on PS4.

Looking at the divided criticism of Ghost of Tsushima, the creative and artistic director of sucker Punch said he spent the last few days pasted on the Internet for follow all the reactions of the audience and industry journalists: "I mean, I'm interested in looking at what people are saying and understanding if they are having fun, for example I saw on Twitter all those discussions with people who engage in Photo Mode".

With regard to criticismsConnell also points out how "as we have developed this title even during this difficult pandemic period, a title that represents a new intellectual property, I am really proud of what people seem to love in our game. This is rewarding and I am sure that our team he thinks the same way. Of course there have been criticisms but I have always appreciated them because they are something that makes us better. We will watch them carefully, analyze them and digest them, we have already talked about it in the team. I think they are a healthy part of our work, we believe something that must be launched all over the world and that must be judged. But it belongs to us and we are proud of it: we think Ghost of Tsushima is the best game we have ever created ".

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Before reading your comments and finding out what you think of the statements by the creative director of Sucker Punch, we remind you that on the pages of you will find our review of Ghost of Tsushima.


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