Ghost of Tsushima: 31 new gameplay, story, and customization details

Sony and Sucker Punch have finally removed the cloak it covered Ghost of Tsushima to show enough detail about the PS4 exclusive, which will tell the story of Jin Sakai during Mongolia’s first invasion of Japan.

Thanks to the State of Play entirely dedicated to the development of Sucker Punch, we now know many details about the new game from the creators of Infamous and Sly Cooper. These are all the details about the history, gameplay, and world of Ghost of Tsushima.

Exploring Tsushima

  • Use the “Guiding Wind” to navigate the open world: By choosing locations on the Ghost of Tsushima menu map, a wind will appear in the game as you play. Players can follow those winds there.
  • Players have a horse that they can call as needed. It is unclear if it will be unlocked in the game from the beginning.
  • Bamboo and yew wood can be collected as a resource on stage.
  • Locations will include the Kashine Mountains, the Yagata Forest, and a farm.
  • A Mongol-controlled farm is shown for purposes, such as hostage rescue.
  • In the new Tsushima demo, the protagonist Jin Sakai meets a person by a campfire warning him about the spirits in the forest.
  • Jin can stop and investigate points of interest, such as abandoned houses.
  • The smoke on the horizon indicates people in distress.
  • The foxes will guide Jin to the shrines around Tsushima Island, where Jin can honor those shrines. Doing so gains Jin enhancements, such as a new talisman slot.
  • Once they discover a key location, players can return using fast travel.

Samurai or Ghost (combat and stealth)

  • Jin can challenge enemies to a showdown on stage.
  • The combat shown near a shipyard shows Jin using just a katana to take down each enemy.
  • “Every hit counts”
  • Players can block enemies, and doing so at the last possible moment will lead to parrys.
  • Change combat stances to deal the most damage to enemies.
  • The same shipyard combat sequence is shown with the stealth option. Jin uses distractions to sneak up on enemies like the title Ghost.
  • Distractions include firecrackers, which Jin can use to lure enemies out of hiding and kill them. If he’s fast enough, Jin can assassinate multiple chain enemies before being seen.
  • Smoke bombs can be used to prevent attacks and evade enemies who see Jin.
  • Kunai can be used for quick kills.
  • Mongols “will learn to fear the Ghost” and can even try to flee from Jin’s stealthier actions, and players can use fear to their advantage.
  • Jin’s grappling hook can be used to swing through holes or climb ledges.
  • An environmental attack is shown, as Jin uses the Mongols’ own weapons as an explosive, destroying their hiding place and eventually decimating the shipyard.
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Character customization

  • Jin can be customized with various armor, offering different mechanical advantages. It is not just cosmetic.
  • Players will discover omamori talismans that give Jin different benefits.
  • Players can choose the skill point techniques they want to give Jin and customize their attack strategy based on their play style.
  • Players can collect flowers to change the color of the armor.

Photo mode

  • Ghost of Tsushima’s photo mode lets players control the wind and its speed in a short photo or video.
  • The songs on the soundtrack can also be chosen.
  • And the particle effects can be changed so that players can choose different scenes, with different types of petals appearing or even fireflies.

Voices and visual style

  • A Japanese voice track can be chosen even before players begin the adventure for further immersion.
  • A black and white film grain mode can be activated from the beginning of the game to emulate classic samurai films, such as The Seven Samurai of Akira Kurosawa.


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