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Geraldine Bazán challenges with bikini and same pose to Vanessa Guzmán

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A few days ago Vanessa Guzmán published in her social networks a photo where she showed the great body that is loaded since for several years the woman takes care of her figure to look spectacular on the small screen, so it was compared with Irina Baeva and Geraldine herself Bazan

Now Geraldine decided to do her own to overshadow her colleague, making it clear that she also has curves and quite dangerous because the more than one hundred thousand likes she received spoke for themselves in addition to several compliments from her followers.

"Geraldine you are a lady in all the extension of the word … God bless you!", "Every day you look more beautiful God bless your life and that of your beautiful family I wish you many more successes", they wrote to the blonde for the photo where she appears in a bikini.

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Recall that Geraldine was the wife of Gabriel Soto a while ago, but both ended that relationship as the histrion became a boyfriend with Russian-born actress Irina Baeva, who allegedly bothered with Vanessa Guzman a few weeks ago, because she did not like that You will spend time with your boyfriend.

As if that were not enough, many have supported Vanessa who said in an interview that she would never apologize, much less for a fight she never started, so she left between seeing that there could be a small altercation causing controversy in the entertainment world.

Meanwhile Gabriel Soto has preferred to stay out of the situation since he has had many problems with the clashes between his ex-wife and his current girlfriend.


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