George R.R. Martin says the end of Game of Thrones will be different in the books

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The Game of Thrones phenomenon marked an entire era on television. The successful series of the HBO culminated eight seasons with an ending that has given much to talk about fans of the series and the books of Song of ice and fire. Such has been the controversy that has surrounded this end, that its producers continue to answer questions about what happened to some characters.

Although the author of the book saga, George R.R. MartinHe was aware of the events that would take place in this final episode, he has confirmed in his blog and in a recent interview for the German media Welt, that the books will have a different ending. In addition, Martin says he has much more freedom in the two remaining books than in the six hours of footage of the final season.

The writer declares that the fans "know an end, but not the end", something that offers a lot of hope to the followers of the books that were unhappy with the outcome of the series due to its frenetic and accelerated pace. Many plots of important characters were closed in a very unsatisfactory way, while characters like DaenerysThey seemed to have evolved in a somewhat unfortunate way that nobody expected.

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We recently learned that Martin wanted to end Game of Thrones through a trilogy of movies. Luckily or unfortunately, the HBO television network, in charge of the series, was not interested in making films. "HBO was not interested. Those responsible said 'We produce television series, we are not in the film business. And when HBO makes films, as now with Deadwood, they produce them for television, not for cinema.

Song of ice and fire It still has a lot to offer fans of Game of Thrones.

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