George Miller wants to shoot 'Furiosa' in 2021: Anya Taylor-Joy is her favorite to star in the prequel to 'Mad Max: Fury on the Road'

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Almost five years have passed since the director George Miller created an earthquake in the world of cinema with 'Mad Max: fury on the road' (Mad Max: Fury Road, 2015) one of the most spectacular movies of the 21st century and the best film of the last decade according to dozens of specialized media. A possible sequel was tangled in legal trouble for a time, but last year, it seemed like things were finally set for several Mad Max movies to begin production.


The first Mad Max without Mad Max?

Now, a new Variety article says Miller is casting for a Mad Max prequel based on the character of Furiosa, who hopes start filming next year. One of the people she auditioned for the lead role was the 'The Witch' actress (The Witch, 2015) Actress Anya Taylor-Joy, whom we have recently seen as Emma.

In the text of Variety The uncertainty of the main production dates of possible box office successes is discussed and on Miller's film he comments:

"Director George Miller, for example, has met names like Anya Taylor-Joy for his spin-off 'Furiousa', which he hopes to start filming in 2021. Of course, Miller is making concessions to the coronavirus: Those auditions have had place via Skype. "The rumors


Rumors of a movie 'Furious' have been on the air since 2016, but this is the closest thing to anything official that has emerged since Miller, that I'd be prioritizing it over the other planned Mad Max movies, one of which is supposed to be a sequel to Fury Road called 'Mad Max: The Wasteland'. Even though Taylor-Joy is not confirmed It will be interesting to see what qualities Miller is looking for in a younger version of his protagonist for this spin-off, and how the public will react to the first Mad Max movie without Mad Max in it.

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