Genshin Impact charges with a new Noelle cosplay

Chinese video game companies have always been more oriented towards mobile developments, but in recent times it seems that something is changing. A new step towards this expansion is given by Genshin Impact, production of miHoYo which debuted a few weeks ago in a completely free version.

The reviews of Genshin Impact have been positive thanks to the mechanics present, the characters used and undoubtedly also the gratuitousness of the title. There are many things to do and many guides that we have proposed to you to unlock many features of the video game. But with this news we focus on a cosplay di Genshin Impact.

In fact, the popularity has been such that there has been no shortage of fans who have put on the shoes of the characters of the video game. The first one we brought you to these pages was HendoArt with Jean, while now we propose a noelle cosplay, the maid who aspires to be a knight. Below we can see the well-groomed disguise of the Chinese cosplayer Jiangsheng Hua. Although a waitress, Noelle will be one of the possible protagonists of the adventure and will give a hand with her battle skills. Tiara, decorations, armor and style seem all perfect and resume the character appeared in Genshin Impact.

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Inevitably, the video game’s popularity will lead to more Genshin Impact-themed cosplay over the next few months.


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