Gears 5 on Xbox Series S: the new gameplay video shows a game at 120fps

The new and small Xbox Series S immediately attracted the attention of gamers thanks to the high power that allows at an incredibly competitive price to play at 1440p and 60 frames per second. In a new video by Gears 5 you can even see the console in action in the multiplayer mode a ben 120fps.

The gameplay footage, lasting just over three minutes, highlights the technical potential of Microsoft’s next-gen gaming machine in a game of Capture the Flag, during which we can see the protagonist Kait Diaz move and shoot without any problem in terms of fluidity. Unfortunately, no information on the resolution of the game when you enable this particular 120fps mode, but it is likely to be locked to 1080p just like the video posted on YouTube. It should be noted that, according to the statements of the developers, it will be possible to play Gears 5 at 120 frames per second exclusively in PvP online multiplayer modes, and therefore support for this graphics mode in the Horde is unlikely.

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Did you know that the new Xbox Series S will be a success for Mortal Kombat’s dad?


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