Gasol does not rule out participating in the Olympic Games next year

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Spanish basketball player Pau Gasol He spoke about the postponement until 2021 of the Tokyo Olympics due to the coronavirus health emergency and considered that it was 'matter of time' for this decision to be made.

'I was fully confident that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) would make this decision, it was a matter of time given the current circumstances and the reality of the pandemic we are in, 'said Gasol, in statements sent through his communication office.

Asked if that could affect his presence at the event, he said: 'We will see how everything continues to evolve. I keep concentrating on my day to day, on recovering my foot which is the main thing; to see later what possibilities do i have'.

'When we reach those moments and at that level we will decide, we will see how the situation is and when we can return to the normality of the competitions in order to prepare some gameshe added.

Gasol elaborated on this recovery process: 'At the moment everything is going well. I am lucky to have the means at home to be able to continue with the recovery. Now I have a little more than tranquility because I will have a little more margin to get my foot back. '

'I control what I can control, what is in my hand. I work day by day to be physically well and to recover my foot. We will see what ends up happening, but being positive and optimistic'he commented.

Like many other people in the world, he is now confined at home: 'It is being a difficult time for everyone, not just for me. We have to respect the suggestions and the necessary sanitary measures to help prevent this virus and this pandemic from spreading, growing and increasing the number of infected and victims. '

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'I am trying to be positive, to be present in the networks to encourage, inspire and entertain followers. I am making life at home as normal as possible, taking advantage to have a healthy routine, taking care of the diet, being active and not abusing the screens, "he added.

He also had a few words of 'infinite thanks' to the toilets:' I thank you from my heart for what you are doing, the countless hours you are dedicating. The physical and mental effort involved put at risk own health. '

'Nothing but thanks, encouragement and strength to continue to the foot of the canyon. I am sure that all that effort they are dedicating will have its reward and the positive effect it is already having, 'he added.

He also addressed those at home: 'You have to take advantage of this time to have a healthy routine. From the Gasol Foundation we are promoting healthy quarantine, encouraging people to make healthy meals at home, involving to different family members and encouraging them to have an exercise routine. '

'With the media at home you can always get something done. I also encourage read a good book, to take advantage of this time to come out reinforced and with healthy habits, 'said the NBA player.

Finally, he positively valued the campaigns that encourage him not to leave home: 'They seem super positive to me. You have to have patience, a lot of encouragement and take advantage to have and build your own routine with the people you are living with. '

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